QuickBooks Integration Status Report

Background on QuickBooks Online Integration

When you integrate your Z3N Payroll Software account with your QuickBooks Online account, you can view a report that shows the status of each payroll transmission as a journal entry to QuickBooks. For more details on connecting your two accounts, see the help article Integrating Z3N Payroll Software with QuickBooks Online.

How to View Your QuickBooks Transmissions

Reports > Payroll Reports > QuickBooks Integration Status

The report start and end pay dates default to the current month, but you can change these to see any pay date range.

Disconnecting Your Account

If you decide later that you do not want your Z3N Payroll to integrate with QuickBooks Online, you can disconnect your QuickBooks Online account. This will remove all of your QuickBooks account information from Z3N Payroll Software. You will still be able to view previous transaction history on the QuickBooks Integration Status Report.

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